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I am so glad that you and your loved ones are all safe...you are fortunate to have the ability to look at what did happen and review it through the lens of what might have been...but then, I don't think I'd have expected differently, off what I 'know' through the blog. I found you about a year ago through - I think - The Scottish Lamb and have read you randomly since, but I don't believe I've ever commented.

Out of curiosity, who is doing the cleaning for you?


I'm so sorry about the fire, Nilda. Glad you all are safe, sound, and regrouping. May life settle down soon. big hug.

Gail & Fog

Dear Nilida

I am shocked to read about the tterrible fire in your apartment. That God you escaped with your lives and no injuries!! Fire is my worst nightmare. I think that firemen are our Great American Heros. What kind of person is willing to run into a building in flames to save total strangers. God bless the FDNY!


I am surprised that your smoke alarms weren't going off.An unfortunate fact about hardware stores is that as fire fighters, we never know what they have stored in their back rooms and basements. And incase it wasn't explained to you, the reason for the windows being taken out is that is how we vent a fire. We want to have the bad stuff (smoke) going out and this helps us, as fire fighters, see better. And the hole in your floor is that they were checking for extension. And there are companies that specialize in cleaning up after a fire. The smoke damage is the worst part of a fire. And be willing to fight with your insurance company to make sure that they replace all of the wood if there was any charring.


Oh my goodness! I just stumble upon your great blog and here you are going through this awful trauma! I'm so sorry for everything. I hope things return to something like normalcy soon.


I can't imagine how frightend you must have been, thanks god that everyone is okay! Hopefully you can get back home pretty soon. I found you blog surfing the web and was attract by the name of your blog.. and than while reading, I noticed that, we have a comon friend..Betty.
By the way, I just loved the wool you used for Koigu blanket, lovely colours!


So relieved that you are all safe. As I read your account I thought I was having a flashback. I thought you must be writing about the previous fire. How awful.


Nilda! Que horror! Suerte que estáis todos bien! Espero que no se haya perdido nada importante, pero lo más importante, que sois vosotros, estáis bien! Menos mal! Y dónde os quedaréis hasta que podáis recuperar el apartamento??

Muchos ánimos, y espero que podáis solucionarlo todo pronto. Un abrazo enorme.


Oh my god. Thank goodness you and your family are okay. I am so sorry this happened to you. Please know that my wishes and good thoughts go with you.

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